Name:                                                                                                     Magic Shark Magic BMX

Bearing:                                                                                                  R188

Material:                                                                                                SS304

Surface Process:                                                                               Mirror  polishing   

Spin Time:                                                                                           4-6 Minutes

Age Range:                                                                                           >8 Years

Bearing replacement:                                                                    YES

Wearing:                                                                                                 Keep Out of  Reach of Children

Where to buy:                                                                                     Aliexpress,Amazon




Magic BMX Style

Unquire design

Full of SS 304

Complex Processing Technology

Mirror-like surface

A  collection of works of art


The  First China Hand Spinner Company

Through CE RoHS Certification

Good Quality R188 Bearing

Replaceable Bearings

Long spinning time

As long as more than 7 minutes